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Magnesensor Technology (MST) - Foundation MST is a fabless semiconductor technology corporation offering the design and manufacture of integrated circuit Hall Effect sensors. Our company was establish ...

Micro Power Switch


Ordering Number MH248
Operation type Omni Polar Switch
Temperature E
Package ST
Voltage range 2.5V-3.5V
Output current 2mA
Sensitivity 50Gauss
Status NOW
Note Micropower Hall Effect Switch
⚫ CMOS Hall IC Technology
⚫ Solid-State Reliability
⚫ Micro power consumption for battery-powered applications
⚫ Omni polar, output switches with absolute value of North or South pole from magnet
⚫ Operation down to 2.5 V and Max at 3.5V.
⚫ High Sensitivity for direct reed switch replacement applications
⚫ Multi Small Size option
⚫ Custom sensitivity selection is available in optional package.
⚫ RoHS compliant 2011/65/EU and Halogen Free

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