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MH381 Serial

MH381 provides a one-chip solution for 3-wire fan with two unipolar coilwindings. The chip containsthe Hall-effect sensor, dynamic offset correction, power drivers anda pair of complementary open-drain outputs (DO, DOB). The outputdrivers pins are fully protected against switching transients.
While the magnetic flux density (B) is larger than operate point (Bop), DO will turn on (low), and meanwhile DOB will turn off (high). Each output is latched until B is lower than release point (Brp), and then DO, DOB transfer each state.
For DC fan application, sometimes need to test power reverse connection condition. Internal diode only protects chip-side but not for coil-side. If necessary, add one external diode toblock the reverse current from coil-side
MH381 is rated for operation between the ambient temperatures ?40~C and 125~C for the K temperature range. The package is available provided magnetically optimized solutions for most applications. Package VK is a four-lead ultramini SIP for through-hole mounting. VF is a standard Sot 89 5 pin packages at the E spec (?40~C and 85~C). also, the Thermal shut-down function is integrated as well for better protection.
The package type is in a Halogen Free version has been verified by third party Lab.

Press Source:MST Marketing Dept.

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