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Magnesensor Technology (MST) - Foundation MST is a fabless semiconductor technology corporation offering the design and manufacture of integrated circuit Hall Effect sensors. Our company was establish ...

Ratio-Metric Linear


Ordering Number MH481
Operation type Ratiomatic Linear
Temperature I
Package UA/ST/SQ/SD
Voltage range 3.0V-6.5V
Output current 10mA
Sensitivity 2mV/Gauss
Status NOW
Note Ratio-metric Linear Hall Effect Sensor
⚫ Operating Voltage Range: 3.0V~6.5V
⚫ Power consumption of 2.5 mA at 5 VDC for energy efficiency
⚫ Low-Noise Operation
⚫ Linear output for circuit design flexibility
⚫ Totem-Pole for a stable and accurate output
⚫ Responds to either positive or negative gauss
⚫ Small package for SMD
⚫ Magnetically Optimized Package for SIP
⚫ Cost competitive
⚫ Robust ESD performance
⚫ RoHS compliant 2011/65/EU and Halogen Free

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